Amy Murphy-Nugen calling for "social change".

How much crime/blight/homelessness/anarchy/etc. can be bought in Waynesville? Who would actually pay for this kind of thing and who would allow this kind of thing?

First, it is established that Amy Murphy-Nugen, contracted facilitator of the Homeless Task Force and employee of Western North Carolina is a member of Down Home North Carolina (per Down Home website):

Second, it is documented in public record that Amy-Murphy-Nugen has been approved by the Waynesville Board of Aldermen to seek grant money:
See the public record meeting minutes.

Third, it was discovered that the stakeholders for the grant to be used in Waynesville included DOWN HOME and ABCCM (Asheville buncombe Community christian ministry)...AND that there are plans to exceed the $250,000/year grant:

Finally, this isn't done yet. Per Amy Murphy-Nugen's documented feedback: "A positive take-away identified through the process is the fact that multiple people and agencies are interested in collaborating in efforts such as these, paving the way for future opportunities."
See the Task Force meeting minutes.

Western Carolina and Waynesville's Homeless Task Force Leader in national news.


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