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Don't Asheville our Waynesville! Anarchists Running Haywood County Democrat Party and Town of Waynesville City Council!

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Don't Asheville our Waynesville! Anarchists Running Haywood County Democrat Party and Town of Waynesville City Council!

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What is Anarchy and who are these radical left people who hate police and claim they want social justice for criminals? Anarchy is a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems. An anarchist is a person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power. An Anarchist is a person who believes in, advocates for or promotes anarchy and uses violent means to overthrow the established order. They create a crisis so the government can solve it.
viewtopic.php?t=100&sid=af61aba80c50366 ... 98db5e2cd6 ... -solve-it/ ... reme-court

These are the people who carried manure in a casket to the Asheville police department, destroyed and burned Asheville and cities all across America all because they hate capitalism and free trade. They use Social Justice for everything as a front for anarchy against free trade and tourism. The radical left Asheville town council defunded the police by over 100 police officers, destroying the city by tripling their crime and vagrant drug addicts, resulting in low barrier (NO RULES) shelters supplied with crack kits and needles called Harm Reducion ... et-out-now ... -homeless-
Low Barrier NO RULES Shelters are a total failure ... ing-first/
Read pages 9,10, 11 and 12 Low Barrier NO RULES Shelters a total failure ... ing-first/
Asheville's Steady Harm Reduction working in Haywood County to give crack kits and needles to drug dealers to hand out with their crack, meth and heroin sales. ... h-carolina

They are called The Sunrise Movement aka the 105 member Congressional Progressive Caucus aka Down Home/People’s Action. They are Marxist/Communist and they plan to run America by 2030. ... -socialism ... list-state ... -moderate/
Look how the Marxist Sunrise Movement has run Seattle into the ground. This is happening in Asheville and they are planning to take over Waynesville and Haywood County next. ... drug-legal

Chelsea White is our local Anarchist. She was the Director of the Marxist/Communist Down Home/People’s Action in Haywood County. The video below explains the Marxist Down Home agenda and the People’s Action platform details their plan for the government to own your banking system and privately owned homes, and corporations by 2030. ... Smww%3D%3D ... m-2020.pdf ... orm_v1.pdf ... UBLIC1.pdf
Down Home's Action Plan to bring Waynesville in line with Asheville! ... -FINAL.pdf

Chelsea White started her We Are WNC group during the flood in Cruso, to fool the Cruso flood victims into joining her radical left movement, using the fake climate change crisis to recruit unknowing victims and even collected money and made videos acting like her goal was actually helping flood victims. She set up camp at the Cruso Community Center and had to be physically removed and banned from their Community Center. She is the meanest of the mean to take advantage of flood victims for her own agenda during the worst time of their life.

Chelsea White decided to run for US Congress and brought her chanting and destructive Marxist/Communist, Anarchist Sunrise Member group to the Haywood County Court House and was forced by police to scrub the writing off the sidewalk her anarchist planned to leave. They also left a box the police had to respond to because it looked like a possible bomb threat.

Chelsea White and Tara McIntosh recently brought their Anarchist Sunrise Movement member group to the Town of Waynesville Council to protest LGBTQ rights because two little girls saw a man in the ladies changing room at the Town of Waynesville Rec Center. Regular citizens stayed away from that planned protest because the Town of Waynesville Council follows the Sunrise Movement agenda and Chelsea White and Tara McIntosh are their leaders. The meeting was planned to promote the current Town Council in the November election.

Chelsea White and Tara McIntosh masked up and attacked a meeting of peaceful citizens who are concerned about the increase in crime, vagrants, needle litter, and safety of children in our community. They disrupted the meeting, calling citizens fascist and racist and taking pictures of citizens to post them publicly and call them names, called doxing. These are the tactics of anarchists but anarchist can’t help but dox themselves. They were stalking people and hiding behind cars like shooters at malls and schools. Citizens have the right to assemble without attack. These anarchists meet at the Firestorm Bookstore with their Marxist leader, Weather Underground Bill Ayers, without attack from people who don’t believe in Communism.
Town of Waynesville crime index is a 0 with 100 being the safest, meaning Waynesville is less safe than most neighborhoods in the U.S.

The Town of Waynesville Council hired a Homelessness Task Force Director, WCU Professor Amy Murphy-Nugen who was a member of Down Home, to put low barrier (NO Rules) Shelters all over Waynesville and allowed her to write a $500,000 grant in the name of the Town of Waynesville, listing the Marxist Political Super PAC Down Home as a relevant stakeholder on the grant.
Amy Murphy-Nugen's plan to end stigma and add low barrier no rules shelters ... ndices.pdf
Homeless Task Farce ... e29ed.html
Town of Waynesville planning to implement Low Barrier NO RULES Homeless Shelters ... r-homeless
Homelessness Task Force was a total failure of the Town of Waynesville City Council. Amy Murphy-Nugen was supposed to be paid $60,000 to facilitate the Task Force but the Dogwood Trust grant written by Town Manager Rob Hites was denied, so was she paid with taxpayer money? ... foundering
Citizens stopped Low Barrier NO RULES Shelters in Waynesville ... ss-shelter
WOKE WCU Professor Amy Murphy-Nugen in the News ... er-unicorn

Two of the Town of Waynesville Council members, Anthony Sutton and John Feichter were endorsed by Down Home/People’s Action and the entire town council endorses the Down Home/People’s Action agenda. The Town Council has nothing good to run on, so they tried to capitalize on LGBTQ rights. Citizens have come to meeting after meeting to stop their radical left agenda, including Low Barrier (No Rules) shelters and Smart Growth America, The Great Real Estate Reset, which has resulted in over 1000 apartment and condo approvals coming to the Town of Waynesville in the next two years. ... 6a16b.html ... -elections
Haywood County Citizens said NO to Low Barrier NO RULES Homess Shelters ... c8f33.html
Town of Waynesville City Council allowing the Bates Motel aka Bethel House to be run as an Illegal Low Barrier NO RULES Sheleter supplied with crack kits and needles called Harm Reducion. ... et-out-now
More and more apartments and condos approved because of the Town of Waynesville's Smart Growth leftist policy of uncontrolled growth, high density and voting to implement Administrative decisions for large developoment that silenced citizens right to say no... a rubber stamp approval process ... a5286.html ... 4f724.html
Smart Growth America web site
The Plan Smart Growth has for America ... anism.html
The Great Real Estate Reset ... ate-reset/

The Town of Waynesville City Council also gave Helping Hands $60,000 to put transient vagrants into the Low Barrier NO RULES Our Place Inn All Cops Are Bastards Motel in Maggie Valley which is also supplied with crack kits and needles called Harm Reduction. This motel has been a nightmare for citizens and law enforcement for the past four years. ... eMoney.pdf ... 88f90.html

The Firestorm Bookstore in West Asheville is the headquarters in the entire eastern United States for the Anarchist, Marxist Occult Sunrise Movement. They recently burned two police cars in celebration of their new headquarters and busted out an Asheville Council members car windows and slashed her tires because she wanted to hire more police and regulate vagrant panhandling. They run the City of Asheville.

The Haywood County Democrat Party, headed up by Sybil Mann, the wife of radical left Town Council member Chuck Dickson, is allowing Chelsea White to community organize and Tara McIntosh to teach classes on diversity. They call themselves WOKE Waynesville on a facebook page with a few Haywood County members and hundreds of members from Asheville. There are no moderate Democrats left to run the show.

The Democrat Party has become the Socialist/Marxist Party in Haywood County.
It’s time to vote the Mayor and entire current town council out in November! Don’t Asheville our Waynesville!

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