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What is the Council on Foreign Relations?

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What is the Council on Foreign Relations?

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Last week's presentation, by Evan Mulch, went into detail about the Council on Foreign Relations (The pre-eminent Globalist-New World Order "Think Tank" in the U.S.,. based in New York City and Washington D.C.) How many of our North Carolina elected leaders (local, state and national) are aware of this group's influence and "Globalist-New World Order" priorities? Do members of the CFR believe in "America First" or "Globalism First"? Does the CFR and it's members support the groups (non-profits) that promote Harm Reduction, Pre-Trial Release, Needle Exchanges, CRT, and Open Borders? Please read, study, and share the information below: ... nside-cfr/(Alan Newman's detailed report on the CFR; Highlights Biden, Clinton, and Cheney at the CFR) (George Soros speaks at the Council on Foreign Relations) ... relations/(Author James Perloff's New American Magazine Article about the CFR) classic 1988 book, The Shadows of Power, by James Perloff, about the well documented history of the CFR and it's influence in America)

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