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Great News! Citizens of Cruso Stopped the Aerial Spraying of the Gypsy Moth! Beware! They May Spray Next Year!

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Great News! Citizens of Cruso Stopped the Aerial Spraying of the Gypsy Moth! Beware! They May Spray Next Year!

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Great News! The NC Department of Agriculture have "decided not to treat the Cruso spray block in 2023" for Gypsy (Spongy) Moth in Cruso. Please see the announcement e-mail from March 29th below:

From: "Goforth, Joy A" <>
Date: March 29, 2023 at 5:01:34 PM EDT
Subject: Cruso Gypsy (Spongy) Moth Survey/Treatment Update

Good afternoon,

You are receiving this email because you have either added your email address to the Cruso Treatment notification list or contacted us directly with questions regarding the planned treatment for the invasive gypsy (spongy) moth in Haywood County. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and the USDA Forest Service have decided not to treat the Cruso spray block in 2023 due to the delays in public notifications. We will continue monitoring the gypsy (spongy) moth populations in the area for the 2023 survey season and reevaluate the data for next year. We anticipate the gypsy (spongy) moth populations will persist and possibly expand to additional uninfested areas. Should this occur, we will proceed with eradicating the gypsy (spongy) moth in the summer of 2024. Residents will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive additional information about the gypsy (spongy) moth and the treatment in person or by contacting our office. All residents in the treatment block will receive notification by mail prior to the treatment. Public notices will also be distributed through press releases. Since no treatment is planned for this year, we will not be conducting an additional public meeting in Haywood County at this time.

We have heard resident concerns and are committed to thoroughly answering your questions. In addition, I understand the frustration recent communication issues have caused and will ensure they are resolved. I can be reached at this email or the number below. If you submitted a question and have not received a response, please let me know. Below are some resources you may find useful.

NCDA&CS – Gypsy (Spongy) Moth site: Gypsy Moth Program Home (

Slow the Spread (STS) Program: Slow the Spread Program

Splat GM-O (disparlure) Mating disruption. Information here: ... MO_FAQ.pdf Mating disruption is a spongy (gypsy) moth-specific control tactic that is effective against low- to moderate-density populations of spongy (gypsy) moth (generally less than 10 egg masses per acre). SPLAT GM-O is applied just before adult moths emerge. In nature, disparlure is given off by female spongy (gypsy) moths to attract male spongy (gypsy) moths to mate. The treated area is saturated with this pheromone during the 6 to 8-week period when adult moths are active. The invisible cloud of applied pheromone disrupts the normal communication between these moths and prevents the males from finding and mating with the flightless females. Mating disruption is only effective in very low population densities because the chance of random encounters between the sexes is high in denser populations.

Thank You

Joy A. Goforth
Plant Pest Administrator
NCDA&CS – Plant Industry Division
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