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Madison County Beware! Democrat Party Has Gone Radical Left of Moderates

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Madison County Beware! Democrat Party Has Gone Radical Left of Moderates

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Beware moderate Democrats in Madison County! The leader of the Madison County Democrat Party, Paula Dempsey, is following the radical left agenda of Black Lives Matter, the Marxist Sunrise Movement and the Alliance of Baptists, which is actually a far left political group pledging social and economic justice, climate change, and pushing the equity and diversity plan to divide with an ultimate goal of Socialism. If you search churches close to Mars Hill, only three churches are members of the Alliance of Baptists, including Mars Hill Baptist Church, and two other churches in Asheville.

Most Baptist Churches would be smart enough to realize the Alliance of Baptists has a far left political agenda. Moderate Democrats and Unaffilated voters are waking up and flocking to the Republican Party because they can see the Socialist Party has taken over the Democrat Party. The Congressional Progressive Caucus, called the Sunrise Movement, makes up over 100 members of the Democrat Congress and growing.

Their plan is for the government to own our banking system, the end to privatly owned homes and corporations because they hate free trade and capitalism. They are destroying America with low barrier homeless shelters, crack kits and needles called Harm Reduction, pre-trial release, no bail, no police, planning to make all drugs legal and, so we'll all be living in apartments, riding bikes and electric busses. ... C.docx.pdf ... d-mission/

The Democrat Party in Madison County is the Marxist Group ROAR aka Rural Organizing and Resilience which is the same as Down Home and People's Action. Their plan is for the Government to own our banking system, privatly owned homes and corporations and businesses because they hate Capitalism, which is fee trade in America. Listen to this video posted by the Epic Times, explaining what Down Home aka ROAR plans to do to North Carolina. Gov Roy Cooper is a Communist. ... 64830.html
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