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Dogwood Trust Largest Source of Leftist Corrupt Money In WNC

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Dogwood Trust Largest Source of Leftist Corrupt Money In WNC

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The Asheville Watchdog reported last year, the Dogwood Trust was rigged from the beginning. The initial funding for the Dogwood Trust came from the sale of the nonprofit Mission Health System to the giant for-profit hospital chain HCA Healthcare for $1.5 billion dollars. There were details of the sale Mission, HCA and the top officers of the Dogwood Health Trust wanted to keep secret. The CEO of Mission Health was paid millions of dollars from Mission Health and joined the for-profit HCA as a strategic advisor a few days after the deal closed. The trust was set up by an attorney named Dianne Chipps Bailey, who refers to Bill Gates seed money for non-profits as the "Golden Ticket". ... y-network/

The Dogwood Trust funds far left agenda's such as low barrier, no rules shelters, the far left Beloved Asheville who have tripled transient vagrants, drug addicts and crime in Asheville and NC Harm Reduction who hand out crack kits and needles to addicts and drug dealers, and safe sex worker pamplets to prostitutes. ... beginning/

Groups Dogwood Health Trust funds:
NC Harm Reduction operate mobile crack kit and needle handouts to addicts and drug dealers in Haywood County
Holler Harm Reduction hand out crack kits and needles to addicts and dealers in Madison County
Beloved Asheville who build tent cities and increase transient vagrants
Homeward Bound who build low barrier, no rules homeless shelters
Madison County Health Department one of the only free Suboxone clinics in the state of NC ... orities-2/

They are closely watching Canton and Haywood County.

"Last week’s closure of the Pactiv/Evergreen paper mill in Canton is a strong reminder of that balance. More than 1,000 of our Haywood County neighbors now face immediate needs in terms of employment, health insurance coverage and other necessities. As a community, the Town of Canton and Haywood County must also consider how to move forward with a new, long-term vision for prosperity, health and wellbeing."

"Helping WNC communities maintain balance also means considering all of the social factors that influence overall wellbeing – factors such as housing, education, economic opportunity and health. If one of these factors is out of balance, then the other three become less stable and reliable."

" Balance requires the participation and collaboration of multiple people, institutions and organizations. Dogwood is proud to join with other public and private funders, agencies and leaders from the local to the federal level to work in partnership with Canton and Haywood County to regain and maintain the balance that gives residents the power to live, learn, earn and thrive."

Haywood County doesn't need the kind of far left policy grants Dogwood Trust funds.

BEWARE!! Dogwood Trust plans to start with our children. ... 10/tmp.pdf ... education/

Education RFP Opportunity
To make out-of-school-time experiences more accessible and meet the needs of the youth and families in our communities, Dogwood is launching the WNC After 3pm initiative. Alongside a landscape analysis of our region’s out-of-school time, Dogwood is requesting proposals from nonprofit organizations, government agencies, education institutions and others who serve the Qualla Boundary and our 18-county service region in Western North Carolina and are looking to expand out-of-school-time programming. An online application for this RFP will open on Monday, June 5.

The Education team is hosting an information session on Tuesday, June 20, at 12:30 p.m. for anyone who would like to ask our team specific questions. Please register for the RFP informational webinar if you plan to attend. If you have any questions, you can review the WNC After 3pm one-pager or contact Education Officer Victoria Brownlee at (828) 378-0402 or

North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NCHRC) Promoting and Distributing the Items Below in all NC Counties, on your Tax Dime: (Crack Smoking Kits) ... -drug-use/ (Needles with brochures detailing the best ways to inject) (Details the best ways to operate as a prostitute... with some interesting advice) ... ns-health/ (Details how transgender rights are a core value of NC Harm Reduction)

Bizzare Dogwood Trust Grant written by Town of Waynesville Manager Rob Hites to pay radical leftist Amy Murphy Nugen's salary to head up a Task Force on Homelessness, to put low barrier, no rules shelters in the town. It was discovered we only had 30 unhoused homeless in the entire county. This was a plan to increase transient vagrants in the Town of Waynesville. The citizens of the town were able to stand together to stop the Aldermen Amy Murphy-Nugen and leftist Town Planner Elizabeth Teague from implementing their far left agenda.
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Re: Dogwood Trust Largest Source of Leftist Corrupt Money In WNC

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