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Another pack of lies by Smoky Marxist News Cory Villiansnake

Referenceable stories that are not true or cannot be proven or are slow to issue a correction.
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Another pack of lies by Smoky Marxist News Cory Villiansnake

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The story about the two young girls in the ladies changing room at the Waynesville Rec Center was proven true by video footage and interviews with all people involved in the incident. The person who was transitioning into a man, called Ash in the Smoky Marxist News article, calls themself and their friend, who entered the changing room with them, non-binary, and told officers they were transitioning to male. One looked like a male, covered in tatoos, with facial hair and a mans voice. They tried to say in the article this could be a natural health occurance, but this person intentionally looked like a man.

The Mountaineer told the true story.. ... e6cc3.html

Smoky Mountain News called the Trans person the victim when they looked like a man and discussed on the way to the Rec Center, about which changing room to enter. They were no victim...the little girls were the victims. They had to know children use the Rec Center locker room. The Trans thought it was strange the little girl was staring at them when they were alone with a Trans that looked like a man, and the little girls eight year old cousin was changing behind a curtain? They lied about going behind a curtain. The little girls saw them changing right out in the open.

The 14 year old girl holding the curtain closed for the 8 year old little girl was totally freaked out, as any child would be. This trans person did not change behind a curtain, but started stripping right there out in the open. The 14 year old girl turned her back and tried to hide the 8 year old girl from seeing the spectacle. Parents read this and beware! It could be your child in that changing room alone.

Ash and Eli, not their real names, although Smoky Mountain News has plastered the real names of the Scott's all over their tabloid, even had a discussion about which locker room to use because they looked so much like a man and were that far along in thier transition.

The hate and bigotry came from the far left radical, "WOKE" Marxist Sunrise Movement group about the Scott family, calling them and their children liars, trying to normalize men changing in the ladies locker room, and saying horrible things about the Scott family and their church. These anarchist, occult radicals aren't Christians and most of them were from WOKE Asheville.

The radical left Town of Waynesville Councl members, Mayor and Town Attorney, should all be fired in November for calling the Scott family liars and disparaging them. These people are not local people. Families like the Scott family are who make up this town. The Scott's have not had one word of apology from the radical left bunch running this town.

This is not what represents the Town of Waynesville. This is a bizarre occurance of two trans in the Waynesville Rec Center the same day. One with full sized breasts, over 6 ft tall, and clear male genitalia on the bottom, wearing a see through bikini and another trans, undecided about what bathroom to choose, and deciding on the female bathroom where children were changing. The proper changing room is the family changing room, where there is more privacy and the decent thing to do, would be to not wear a see through bikini when you're clearly a spectacle. ... llegations

The radical left WOKE bunch provided fake addresses...they are not local people ... ddress.pdf ... 2286e.html

Town of Waynesville Mayor and Council members and the Town attorney, changed the entire Public Speaking rules, after constantly stopping public speakers in other meetings, to force them to state their name and address. To accomodate the WOKE radical leftist group who didn't want to give their name and address, because they weren't from here, they passed a motion to no longer requre addresses to give a public comment.

Monroe Miller has been covering the story on is part 7 ... yPart7.pdf

Letters to editor... apology due the Scotts ... 2ef5b.html
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