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Radical Left Smoky Marxist News Spinning the Story to make the Drag Queen Dancers the Victims

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Radical Left Smoky Marxist News Spinning the Story to make the Drag Queen Dancers the Victims

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The Sunrise Movement aka Down Home NC, aka the Marxist group People's Action, who advocate for low barrier (no rules) shelters, fueled with crack kits and needles, pre-trial release, no bail, no jails or police, make all drugs legal, to increase crime and transient vagrant drug addicts, which will destroy tourism, because the Sunrise Movement hates capitalism and free trade. They claim they are for social justice for everything but they actually want communism.

Who is fueling the Social Justice for everything movement? The LGBTQ (plus everything) movement, especially the TRANS movement, trying to target our children as Trans at an early age through the school system, starting them on sex hormone changing drugs and sex change surgery before they turn 18, and letting biological males play in girls sports.

They use drag queen story hours and TV shows like RuPaul's Drag Race to normalize Trans people so they can capture children's minds and influence their political view of the world, that we are all oppressed by capitaliam and free trade, so rise up and become an Anarchist member of the radical left Marxist Sunrise Movement for Communism.

Look what just happened in the Town of Waynesville with two different Trans people in our Town of Waynesville Rec Center. The Town of Waynesville Police Department has proven two little girls saw a man changing in our ladies Rec Center locker room and it was legal. Town of Waynesville Attorney Martha Bradly has stated, a biological male can be completly nude in a female locker room in front of women and children and it's completly legal.

They Tran's Movement aka Sunrise Movement aka Down Home NC, aka People's Action, is taking over Sylva.

Marxist Group Campaign for Southern Equality ... -sylva-nc/ ... ontroversy
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