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Marxist Piven and Cloward, "Creating a Crisis so the Government Can Solve it"

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Marxist Piven and Cloward, "Creating a Crisis so the Government Can Solve it"

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Radical Marxist Amy Murphy-Nugen, who was hired by the Town of Waynesville to form a Task Force on Homelessness, and planned to build LOW BARRIER NO RULES SHELTERS all over our town like Asheville, is still promoting the Sunrise Movement agenda.
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The Town of Waynesville Homeless Task Force Director, Western Carolina University Professor, Amy Murphy-Nugen, wrote a paper explaining the social worker's role in bringing about Socialism, entitled, "Now is the Time". She quotes Marxist Piven and Cloward, "creating a crisis so the government can solve it" to bring about Socialism/Communuism. Low Barrier Homeless Shelters supplied with crack kits and needles called Harm Reduction are on every Socialist/Marxst Platform. Asheville has tripled their crime and tripled their transient vagrant drug addicts. This is the Marxist plan of action. They require Low Barrier Shelters and Harm Reduction to create the crisis. They don't want the homeless camps cleaned up. They will demonize and villainize anyone who cleans up or touches a homeless camp, so get written permission from the police department and/or private owner before you clean up a camp. They hate police and carried poop in a casket to the door of the Asheville Police Department. The City of Asheville has lost over 100 police officers because the Marxist defunded them and villianized them. They hate Capitalism and Tourism and want Communuism. They will tell you they're giving power back to the people, but the People's Action 2030 Platform calls for the government to own our banking system, privatly owned homes and corporations. Citizens beware...they want Waynesville and Haywood County.

Amy Murphy-Nugen's Marxist Manifesto, "Now is the Time" ... Innovation

Marxist Pivan and Cloward explained ... heory.html ... -solve-it/

The Marxist Sunrise Movement and the Socialist group, Beloved Asheville don't want homeless camps removed. ... 06405.html

Trying to clean up camps in Waynesville and Haywood County ... ty-bridges

Socialist/Marxist would love to turn our entire town and county into a giant homeless camp filled with trash and drugs to create a crisis so the government would have to step in and turn apartments into government run housing, to make everyone equal. Why do you think Elizabeth Teague is approving as many apartment complexes as possible in the Town of Waynesville? ... 0f747.html

Forbes Magazine article predicts a 2030 government takover of apartment rentals so everyone will live equally in public housing. ... 79d631f951
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