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Vote! Vote! Vote! Tomorrow! November 7th! Read Letters in support of Team Waynesville!

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Vote! Vote! Vote! Tomorrow! November 7th! Read Letters in support of Team Waynesville!

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Find your polling place for November 7th! ... nwTqZg1168

Great Voter guide!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7th, is the day we've all been waiting for! Hope is on the way folks! The support for Team Waynesville in the Town of Waynesville is amazing! So many doors have been knocked on and so many citizens of the town have shown incredible support for bringing in a new Mayor and Town Council that will be transparent, protect the home town feel residents hold dear, and keep Waynesville safe!

Vote for Joey Reece Mayor and Stephanie Sutton, Peggy Hannah, Tre' Franklin and Ken Hollifield for Town Council!

Read letters in support of Team Waynesville! ... 0a2b9.html

Another letter of support from a concerned citizens...

I'm responding to Robert Youngs's comment regarding Team Waynesville and "small town values". I'm unclear and honestly quite curious what "falsehoods and half-truths" Mr. Young is claiming Team Waynesville is making. It is a fact the current town administration has approved residential expansion that exceeds the city of Waynesville capacity from an infrastructure standpoint. It is a fact, this was a ruubber stamp agenda that excluded any input or buy in from the tax paying citizens of Waynesville. Additionally, anyone who lives in the community can see there is a vagrant population in need of a solution. I applaud Team Waynesville for standing up and speaking out on these tough issues that are not easy ones to solve. Unfortunately, it seems the current administration wants to say everying is fine and hope few notice the irresponsible and wreckless path they are leading for our community.

And another one...

I grew up in Hazelwood and I have to disagree with Dr. Roberson when he states that Hazelwood is thriving. I feel Hazelwood had great potential, however, when a homeless shelter was brought into the area it has led to the potential demise of our beloved Hazelwood. Sure, parts are nice, such as the Country Club area and Main Street Hazelwood, but step away from those areas. Go up near Pathways, the Bethel House, the Methadone Clinic, Allens Creek, Walmart or Ingles; I believe you will see a different story. Unfortunately many people use derogatory language when referring to Hazelwood.If Hazelwood is thriving then why would this be happening?

I am voting for Joey Reese because he was the first person to stand up against the status quo and fight for Hazelwood and Frog Level. He pointed out the problems that had come to our town due to Pathways, who was not doing as they had promised and the soup kitchen in Frog Level that had no respect for their neighbors. Prior to Joey speaking out people were afraid to speak up about the problems these establishments had brought to the community.

I am voting for Peggy Hannah because she lives in Hazelwood and has experienced first hand the negative changes that have taken place since the opening of the homeless shelter and has spent countless hours trying to save our community. Stephanie, Joey and Peggy have attended many town meetings fighting to save our town.

I hear there is improvement in crime, if so, then I give much of the credit to them, because they spoke up repeatedly about the damage the Pre-trial release program was bringing to Haywood County. I personally believe their voices have led to changes in the program that previously would let a criminal commit repeated crimes and just sign themselves out of jail. Also, because they spoke out it led to Pathways making changes to their policies.

I am voting for Team Waynesville because they have fought for Hazelwood for years and I want them to continue the fight, Hazelwood and its Residents deserve better!
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