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2023! A Look Back! Haywood County Citizens are the Winners for 2023 Year in Review!

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2023! A Look Back! Haywood County Citizens are the Winners for 2023 Year in Review!

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2023…A Year in Review! Local Citizens Step Up to Save Haywood County!
This award goes to the Concerned Citizens of Haywood County! They stood for family, citizen safety, Christian values and against the leftist agenda that has destroyed Asheville.

Thank you to Joey Reece, Stephanie Sutton, Peggy Hannah, Tre’ Franklin, and Ken Hollifield for stepping up and running for Town of Waynesville Mayor and City Council. It took great courage and strength to stand against the current administration and their radical left agenda for the town.

The town council traditionally works undercover and since they never broadcast meetings, citizens were unaware of what they had planned for our town. Now the citizens are watching and will be able to weigh in on their actions. All that door knocking and speaking to uninformed citizens will pay off as citizens wake up to what is really happening in our town.

Remember, the Mayor’s race was won with 1,283 and there were 1,031 people who wanted change. Only around 250 votes were needed to flip this town. That shows 1,031 citizens came to the polls dissatisfied about the way the current board was running their town. I wouldn’t call that, “winning by a landslide”.

Concerned Haywood County Citizens have “spoken up” in Town of Waynesville meetings, Maggie Valley meetings and Haywood County Commissioner meetings about issues that concern our towns and county.

Citizens have stopped public drinking on the streets in the Town of Waynesville

Exposed the Town of Waynesville failed sewer system fiasco that won’t be completed until 2025, stopped economic growth, and will cost taxpayers triple on their sewer bills

Exposed the Town of Waynesville City Council’s change to a rubber stamp approval process for developers to build apartments in Waynesville which resulted in uncontrolled growth

Stopped Low Barrier no rules shelters in Waynesville, Maggie Valley and all across Haywood County

Petitioned to stop needle litter from uncontrolled Harm Reduction Programs

Wrote letters to end Judge Lett’s Pre-Trial Release program

Spoke against the Haywood Health Department pushing the COVID 19 vaccine and the Harm Reduction crack kit and needle program on youth

Spoke out against over $500,000 of our Haywood County taxpayer money being thrown away to the City of Asheville for NO Economic Growth in Haywood County

Stopped the Greenways plan from going through farms in Jonathan Creek

Stopped the spraying for the Gypsy Moth in Cruso

Stood up for the pastor, grandmother and two little girls, when two little girls were changing alone in the Town of Waynesville Rec Center ladies changing room and, a person who looked like a man, entered the room and began to change into a bikini.

The big winners for saving Waynesville, Maggie Valley and Haywood County, goes to the Concerned Citizens of Haywood County! Thank you to everyone who helped, especially County Commissioner Terry Ramey and our Haywood County Watchdog, Monroe Miller! We’ll be watching and reporting in 2024! Happy New Year Haywood County!
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